Santa’s visiting Mossley – 10th December

The Bloxwich Phoenix Rotary Santa Grotto is visiting Mossley from 4:30 on the 10th December

Santa will start by the railway station car-park on Tintern Cresent and then visit Cleeve Road, Cleeve Way, Pershore Road, Part of Tintern Crescent around Kirkstall Crescent, Part of Tintern Crescent, then left to Tintern Way, Right to Pershore Close and left to Pershore Road, Left onto Cresswell Crescent, then left to Waverley Road, Tintern Crescent, looping Margam Crescent, Roche Road, Roche Way, then Neath Road, Netley Close, part of Glastonbury, then Abbey Square, Part of Cresswell Crescent then Fountains Road, Fountains Way and Tewkesbury Road, Glastonbury Crescent back to Cresswell Crescent finishing on the Evensham Crescent loop

You can follow Santa using the tracker at